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Bud Break 2012

For the third year in a row, cooler temperatures prevail.  Rainfall has been notably lower this winter until March when we began to catch up.  Many vineyards irrigated during this dry spell to store water in the soils for anticipated bud break and initial shoot growth.  By early April, most of the final pruning was completed throughout the appellation.  Some vineyards are a month late for bud break ... and still waiting!  It will be interesting to see if the relative coolness continues throughout the growing season as it did the past two years.

Harvest 2012

After a nearly textbook perfect growing season, exceptional harvests have rewarded us.  Both the quality and yield have been outstanding.  With no rain during bloom and set, wonderfully even temperatures without extreme excursions, hot or cold, the vineyards were free to develop and ripen steadily without interruption.  A bit of rain in mid-October didn't bother unharvested fruit too much but the more substantial rain at the end of the month had growers scrambling to get the fruit it.  Hopefully, the small amount of remaining fruit can get into the wineries without incident.

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