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Viticulture Association of the Santa Cruz Mountains

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Map with permission of VinMaps



  •  New Perspectives and Tools for Vine Water Use and Saving Water - June 30
    A Joint program with Community Alliance of Family Farmers (CAFF) - details to come.

    Speakers include:

    - Tom Shapland, Tule Technologies. Tom spoke to us a year ago and is returning with an update. Tule has recently installed sensors measuring vine water status in several vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Ridge, Muns, Windy Oaks) and is now able to talk about the results they are measuring in our region. This presentation will address different seasonal stress targets for different production goals (for example, quality vs yield), as well as the stress levels and irrigation amounts on different soil types in Santa Cruz and other coastal regions.

    - Lars Pierce with CSU Monterey Bay:  The Vineyard Soil Irrigation Model (VSIM) provides free, automated irrigation forecasts.
    The VSIM model couples a canopy ETc model to a soil water balance model to estimate daily block water balances.  For each day from Jan. 1, vine and cover crop water use (ETc) are calculated as the product of ETo and the crop coefficient (Kc).  We then subtract ETc from soil moisture (SMy) and add in rainfall (R) and irrigation (I) to estimate the current soil moisture (SMd).  When estimated soil moisture exceeds field capacity (FC), excess water is subtracted from soil moisture to estimate deep drainage (D).  From soil moisture we estimate leaf water potential (LWP).  As water stress increases, we reduce daily ETc using a Ks scalar designed to estimate the effects of water stress on stomatal closure. For more information, see the website at https://sites.google.com/a/csumb.edu/vsim/.

    - Rich Casale, NRCS:  'The Forgotten Practices' That Help Save Water in The Vineyard
    Many if not most water conservation efforts and programs concentrate on irrigation practices, improving irrigation system efficiencies, system conversions and all sorts of water management and monitoring methods. There are, however, many other practices (often overlooked) that can help reduce irrigation water use and/or save water.

  •  Vineyard Microclimates: Sunlight Exposure, Grape Temperatures -  May 27 at Cooper-Garrod  2:30 - 6:00.
    Our guest speaker: Stuart Weiss, Ph.D. of  Viticision will speak about making adjustments in the vineyard (to row orientation, canopy management) for improved grape quality, and how our vineyards may be affected and adapted in the face of changing climate. As well, we will get a tour of the certified organic vineyard and sustainable practices at Cooper-Garrod.
        Sunlight and temperature are two of the most important factors that affect photosynthesis and ripening. Dr. Weiss will talk about how vineyard practices affect climates in the vineyard, and how to adapt practices to produce the highest quality grapes. Viticision's climate analysis modeling tools help to determine optimal row direction and trellis design for the site based on balancing the light and heat environment to help reduce sunburn, improve ripening and grape quality.
        Dr. Stuart Weiss is a climatologist and conservation biologiest in Menlo Park with a PhD in Ecology and Evolution from Stanford University. He focuses on the ecological effects of microclimate, weather and global warming - and brings this expertise to the vineyard with his company Viticision. Clients include J Lohr, Laetitia, Robert Mondavi, Chandon, and more.
  •  Tailgate at Storrs Vineyards, Corralitos, Saturday May 9, 10:00-12:00.
    Learn about the sustainable practices implemented at Storrs vineyards with a tour led by Steve and Pamela Storrs and Rich Casale of the NRCS. These practices include: drainage/runoff control, hedgerows, sheep grazing, wildlife-friendly practices including wildlife corridors and structures, rainwater harvesting; and other vineyard management and conservation practices, many designed and financed through the NRCS' EQIP program.
  •  The Sustainability Workshop Challenge, Saturday April 4 at Silver Mountain Vineyards, 9:00-12:00
    Learn more about best practices and apply them to your own vineyard. Join Jerold O'Brien of Silver Mountain in a working session that will take you through the California Sustainable Winegrowing workbook provided by the CSWA to assess what you are doing in your vineyard and learn how you can improve. As well, Jerold will give a tour and discuss the sustainable practices he has implemented at Silver Mountain, including composting, solar generation and energy efficiency, cover crop, rainwater harvesting and water conservation; and the certified organic vineyard. Hosted by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA).
  •  Soil Physical and Chemical Properties for Vineyard Design and Vine Nutritional Management, March 4 at Clos de la Tech.  2:30 - 6:00.
    Our guest speaker: Paul Anamosa, Ph.D., Vineyard Soil Technologies in Napa (website here). Paul will talk about soil types, soil health, soil water retention - and the relationship to vine health.

    About Paul Anamosa:  Paul specializes in soil analysis, land evaluation for winegrape production, and vine nutritional disorders. He estimates that he has evaluated over 18,000 soil pits and interpreted the data from over 30,000 soil and grape leaf tissue samples in his 14 years working in California viticulture. He is familiar with the Santa Cruz Mountains and has consulted with vineyards in our region, including Clos de la Tech.


  •  Surface Renewal Evapotranspiration, June 2, 3:00pm at Thomas Fogarty Winery
    Our guest speaker: Tom Shapland, Tule Technologies. This is the 3rd (and last) in a series on vine water use and smart water management. Tom will talk about surface renewal evapotranspiration as an actual measurement of ET and vine water status.
    And, we will have a vineyard tour and talk with Nathan Kandler about what is going on at the Fogarty vineyards, which includes new plantings and moving to organic growing.
  •  Vine Water Use, Friday, April 18, 2014,9:00am-12:00noon at Ridge Vineyards
    18100 Montebello Rd., Cupertino
    RSVP please  to mary@munsvineyard.com (so we can plan for lunch which is provided).

    Directions to Ridge Vineyards:

    Ridge Vineyards
    Production Facility
    18100 Monte Bello Road

    Cupertino, CA 95014

    From Hwy. 85, take the Stevens Creek Blvd. exit
    turn left onto Stevens Creek Blvd.
    turn left onto S. Foothill Blvd.
    continue onto Stevens Canyon Rd.
    turn right onto Montebello Rd.
    continue on Montebello for a little over 3 miles

    Phone 408.867.3233


    Vine Water Use

    This is a joint program with CAFF (Community Alliance with Family Farmers)
    See the flier here.

    This program will be about understanding and measuring vine water use for vine health and fruit quality.  It continues what will be a series on vineyard water issues. In this program:

    - David Gates at Ridge Vineyards has very generously volunteered to host and will talk about the irrigation strategies he has implemented. He dry farms some blocks and irrigates others. He will talk about irrigation triggers, as well as his use of sap flow monitoring instrumentation from Fruition Sciences. And he will give us a vineyard tour and talk about his water conservation measures overall.

    - Thibaut Scholasch, PhD., founder of Fruition Sciences, will talk about vine response to water stress and the science behind using sap flow sensors to schedule irrigation.

    - Larry Bettiga, UCCE Viticulture Advisor for Santa Cruz County (web page here), will give us the big picture on vine water use, including the effects of water availability and drought conditions on vine health, and different measurement methods.


    A couple of weeks ago we heard from Marcus Buchanan who set the stage with an information-packed presentation on vineyard water management.  His presentation will be made available shortly (it is a quite large file). In this next program we will hear about a specific application at Ridge, as well as one of the tools available for measuring vine water status (sap flow monitoring). And in a subsequent program (date TBD in May), we will hear about another new technology for  measuring vineyard water use from Tule Technologies. Each program will provide something different and new.  If you can make it to only one or two, you will get a big picture context for vine water use at each as well as hear about some of the tools available. If you can make it to all of them you will get a whole lot of valuable information indeed, and still get something new from each. 


  •  Vineyard Water Management – Strategy, Monitoring and Implementation with speaker Dr. Marcus Buchanan, Buchanan Associates.
    Saturday, March 8, 2014, 10:00am-12:00noon
    at the Loma Prieta Community Center, 23800 Summit Rd., Los Gatos, 95033

    Vineyard Water Management with Dr. Marcus Buchanan


    We are reprising the presentation that Dr. Buchanan gave at the Resource Conservation workshop we held last year in July, giving him more time to go into more detail, and expanding the presentation to make it more specific to our current weather conditions. Even though we are finally! now getting some rainfall, it is anticipated that this will not change our drought status, although it is going a long ways to recharging our soil for this growing season. Nevertheless, smart water management is an ongoing issue, and this program will help you to understand the effects of water (or lack of) on vine health.

    Whether or not you irrigate you will learn more about the effects of water (or lack of) on winegrape quality.  Dr. Buchanan will provide an overview of concepts and techniques for precision irrigation of winegrapes.  Topics include vineyard and vine management strategies (do you need irrigation or not?), evapotranspiration-based irrigation scheduling and controlled deficit irrigation, use and interpretation of pressure bombs and readings, irrigation system maintenance and testing, flow monitoring, and if and how irrigation has positive impacts on winegrape 'quality'. It will also address related issues of canopy management in reduced water conditions, and practices to conserve soil moisture.

    About Marcus Buchanan: A former resident of the Santa Cruz Mountains and now residing in Oregon, Marcus Buchanan holds a doctorate in Soil Science and  Systems Modeling and a Masters in Agroecology.  He is an applied soil scientist and agronomist and works with vineyard clients (as well as vegetable, tree and bush fruit) in California and Oregon.  A focus of his consulting business is irrigation management, and he has experience with many winegrape varieties in diverse climates. Between 2008 and 2011 he was the first Oregon State Extension Viticulturist in the Southwest Oregon region, comprising three appellations with over 50 grape varieties planted.  In this position he developed an ET Irrigation Network with ten growers across the mesoclimates of the three county region.  He works with his clients to solve production problems, develop and implement new technologies and practices, and optimize production efficiency while protecting soil and water resources.


  •  Agroecological Principles for Vineyard Floor Management, Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013, 6pm
    with Steve Gliessman, UCSC Professor Emeritus, Alfred E. Heller Professor of Agroecology and Founder, UCSC Agroecology Program; and vineyard owner, Condor's Hope Winery in Santa Barbara.

    Steve Gliessman will talk about balancing the decisions to be made in the vineyard about the often competing practices of cover cropping, cultivation timing, and soil moisture management.

    Where: Equinox/Bartolo Winery
    427 Swift St., Unit C (around the back of the building)
    - this is on the westside, off of Hwy. 1

    About Steven R. Gliessman:
        Gliessman is an internationally recognized leader in the field of agroecology.  He was the founding director of the UCSC Agroecology Program; he founded and directs the Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA), an experiential living/learning program at UCSC; he heads UCSC’s Agroecology Research Group, an interdisciplinary body of faculty, students and others in the agroecological community; and he is the author of numerous books and articles.
        Gliessman defines agroecology as the application of ecological concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable food systems.  Research has included the conversion of conventional cropping systems to ecologically-based management; and the interface between agroecosystems and natural ecosystems.
        Gliessman owns Condor's Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara County, an organic orchard and vineyard.
  •  Botrytis and Canker Diseases with Larry Bettiga, Viticulture Farm Advisor, U.C. Cooperative Extension, Salinas, at Silver Mountain, Thursday, August 22, 2013, 3:00pm

    Botrytised wines are among the most sought after in the world - but unless that is what you are trying to achieve, bunch rot is not desirable. Vines infected early in the year, particularly during spring rains, generally go dormant until the berries ripen and split; late season rains can cause infection; and the virus can overwinter to infect again the following year. Infected fruit is a challenge for the winemaker, and can result in off-flavors and a reduction in wine quality.

    Canker diseases (including measles, eutypa dieback, and others) are known to be responsible for a significant decrease in vineyard longevity and productivity. Vines can be infected soon after planting; however, it usually takes several years for the first symptoms to appear. As a vineyard ages and the disease becomes more severe, spur positions decline, yields decrease, cordons die back, and eventually the entire vine declines.

    Learn more about these diseases, how to identify them in your vineyard, and how to deal with it if you find it.

    This program is open to anyone interested in the topic, and there is no charge to attend. We ask that you bring a bottle of wine to share after the program.

    We have applied for 1 CE credit for this program (watch for confirmation of credit approval).

    This was our Summer BBQ!

  •  EcoWinegrowing Seminar: Resource Conservation & Efficiency For Vineyards and Wineries, Thursday, July 25, 2013, 8:00am-2:30pm, Hilton Hotel 6001 La Madrona Drive, Scotts Valley

    With featured speaker Dr. Marcus Buchanan on Vineyard Water Management:
    Whether or not you irrigate you will learn more about the effects of water (or lack of) on winegrape quality. 

    We have had little rainfall since the beginning of the year, and although our vineyards are thriving it is a very dry summer. For some, well water is non-existent or limited. How can you use water sustainably and efficiently in your vineyards and wineries?  Regulatory agencies are imposing restrictions and requirements for water storage and runoff. Some of you have already been contacted about the Central Coast Ag Waiver, and want to understand more about it. Water Boards throughout the state are drawing up plans for water use. What are the implications of this on everyone.

    Whether or not you irrigate, this program will provides valuable, useful information . Topics include water management for winegrape quality; groundwater availability issues; rainwater catchment; the Central Coast Ag Waiver and its implications for everyone; measuring and tracking water, energy and nitrogen use; rebates and funding sources; best practice examples from some of our local growers; and more.

    This is a free program brought to us by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), and co-sponsored by the VASCM and SCMWA. Lunch is included.

    [Print a copy here with the agenda]

  •  Grafting Tailgate June 12, 2013, 10am at Muns Vineyard
    This will be a grafting demonstration with Ed Muns. If you would like to practice slicing buds from bud wood stock, bring some of the bud wood you saved earlier in the year, along with a grafting knife - you can practice slicing off the buds on your own cuttings. If you don't have cuttings you saved, or recent prunings (that might work for practice), then come anyway and you will see how it is done.

    Here is how the grafts progressed ...

            28 June 2013                      8 July 2013                     31 July 2013

    You can watch a video about grafting on the VASCM YouTube channel here. This demonstration was done by David Gates of Ridge a few years ago at Burrell School. And you might find some other videos there you would like to watch. Videography and YouTube Channel created by Kevin Monahan and Denise Gallant, of Video4.

  •  Organic Wine Trail, April 20-21, 2013:  In recognition of Earth Day, three Santa Cruz Mountains wineries will showcase their CCOF-certified organic vineyards and practices with a wine trail and vineyard tours: Alfaro Family Vineyards; Silver Mountain Vineyards; Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards. Learn more about growing organic winegrapes. See the website. Additional CCOF-certified vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains include: Big Basin Vineyards; Kathryn Kennedy; Portola Vineyards in Portola Valley; Four Gates Vineyard in Santa Cruz.
  •  Energy and Resources Conservation, April (date TBD): (Program details to be announced)
  •  Pinot Paradise, March 22-24: The annual celebration of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir!
    • Friday, March 22 (all events at The Mountain Winery:
      - The Technical Session: Minerallity- Taste vs Terroir; Unlocking the secrets of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir
          Speakers include:
           - Josh Jensen, Calera Wine Company
          - Dr. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Viticulture & Enology, Director of the Viticulture & Enology Research Center, CSU Fresno.
           - and a panel and tasting of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noirs with local winemakers, moderated by David Glancy, Master Sommelier, founder of the San Francisco Wine School

      - VIP Reception
      - Winemaker Dinner
    • Saturday, March 23:
      - Pathway to Pinot Paradise - a self-guided tour and tasting of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot producers and vineyards
      - Winemaker Dinner in the evening, at Shadowbrook in Capitola
    • Sunday, March 24:
      - The Grand Cruz Tasting, at Villa Ragusa in Campbell.

    Tickets are available from the SCMWA here.

  •  Ecosystem Management and Biodiversity Conservation Practices for Your Vineyard - How You Can Benefit,

    Saturday, February 23, 9:00-2:00:
    Loma Prieta Community Center, 23800 Summit Rd., Los Gatos 95033
    (at the Loma Prieta Elementary School)

    Numerous scientific studies and practical experiences have shown that biological diversity is a crucial factor in maintaining or increasing the sustainability and stability of farming systems. Biodiversity in agricultural systems recycles nutrients, helps manage undesirable organisms, and more. This program will address habitat conservation and reasons for it; conservation of ponds and streams; native vegetation as cover crop; protection of native wildlife; hedgerows and other native planting; soil biodiversity; sheep, goats, etc. for weed control. Sustainable practices are good business practices. This program and workshop brings you several very knowledgeable speakers illustrating how you can apply and benefit from these practices, and the day ends with a tailgate visit to Rhys Vineyards.


    There is no charge for this program. You will receive a complimentary copy of the new, 3rd edition of the CSWA’s Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook. Bring a laptop if you want online access. Lunch will be provided.



    8:30am:  Registration and sign-in

    9:00am:  Program


    •  Kent Reeves, ecology consultant, The Whole Picture Consulting. Kent will address different vineyard habitats and the benefits of managing those habitats to encourage beneficial species.
          Kent manages and administers natural resource projects for ranchers, farmers, and various agencies. He was previously with the Alameda Co. Resource Conservation District, and a co-author of the biodiversity chapter of the CSWA workbook.  Clients include the Lodi Winegrape Commission; Sierra Nevada Conservancy; Ecology Action (Livestock & Land Program);  Placer, Monterey, and San Benito County Resource Conservation Districts; Hollister Ranch; and is on the Advisory Board for Cal Poly's Center for Sustainability. Kent espouses the concepts of Cowboy Conservation.

    • Ann Thrupp, Ph.D., Manager of Sustainability and Organic Development at Fetzer and Bontera Vineyards. Ann will talk about a study done in North Coast vineyards on Biodiversity as Part of Ecosystem Management in Sustainable Winegrowing. The goals of the study were to
      • document the benefits of biodiversity and habitat protection in California vineyards, and
      • identify practices for conserving or enhancing biological diversity in and around vineyards.
          In her capacity at Fetzer, Ann develops partnerships with growers, scientists, government agencies and other stakeholders involved in sustainability initiatives. Ann was the Managing Director of the CSWA from 2005-2007, and serves on the joint technical advisory committee. From 1990-1998, she was Director of Sustainable Agriculture at World Resources Institute. Ann has over 70 publications, and has served twice on committees of the National Academy of Science, to co-author books related to sustainable agriculture. You can read more about Ann here.


    • Rich Casale, District Conservationist, NRCS, Santa Cruz County. Rich will address the cost-sharing programs available through the NRCS for growers to implement programs that support habitat diversity. 
          Rich is a Certified Professional Erosion and Sediment Control Specialist (CPESC #3), a program sponsored by the International Erosion Control Association and the Soil and Water Conservation Society. He has been instrumental in erosion control and watershed management programs at the local, state and national level, and has been involved in more than a dozen NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection programs during his career assisting property owners throughout California following storm, flood, fire and earthquake disasters.

    • Lunch

    RSVP is requested:

    For a pdf of this program, click here.
    Please note: No alcohol or smoking at the Community Center.
    This program is sponsored by The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.



    From the CSWA’s Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook: Agricultural systems and the environment are intertwined, dynamic, and often symbiotic. “Ecosystem Management” applies ecological science to resource management to promote the long-term sustainability of landscapes (our vineyards) and the delivery of essential goods and services produced in them (our winegrapes).  These “ecosystem services” include clean water and air, storing and cycling nutrients, pollination of crops and natural vegetation, generation and maintenance of soils, detoxification and decomposition of wastes, and natural beauty. The long-term viability of California’s wine community is linked to the long-term stability of ecological processes, which are constantly changing. The primary goals of an ecosystem management approach are to:

    Maintain ecosystem integrity

    Sustain biodiversity at a regional scale

    Incorporate distinct community values in the design and implementation of a sustainability strategy. 


  •  December 14, 6:30-9:30pm: Holiday Party at the Sesnon House, Cabrillo College, Aptos.
  •  November 15, 3:00pm: Meeting.  Post-harvest wrap-up; and History of the Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Region, with Jeff Emery, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard and special guest Michael Holland, historian and author, "Late Harvest", a history of the Santa Cruz Mountains wine region.  At Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, 334 Ingalls St., Santa Cruz.


  •  December 9: Holiday Party, at Sesnon House, Cabrillo College. More information to be provided.
  •  December 7, 3:00pm: Meeting. Disease pressure got you down? Healthify Your Vines for Next Year's Vintage. Speaker: Larry Bettiga, UC Cooperative Extension. This was a challenging year in the vineyard, with dismaying disease pressure. Larry Bettiga will talk about what we can do to improve vine health and transition to a healthy new year for the 2012 vintage. Location: Bargetto Winery, 3535 No. Main St., Soquel.  Please bring a bottle of wine to share, and your own wineglass. And dress warmly.
  •  October 23: Pinot on the River, Healdsburg: 11 Santa Cruz Mountains Vintners Showcase Our Terroir. Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir will be highlighted at Pinot on the River by a contingent of our vintners showcasing our mountain terroir in a regional seminar and tasting, as well as at the Grand Tasting that follows: Jeffrey Patterson, Mount Eden Vineyards; Jim Schultze, Windy Oaks; Sal Godinez, Vine Hill; Nathan Kandler, Thomas Fogarty; Jeff Emery, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard; Ed Muns, Muns Vineyard; Bradley Brown, Big Basin Vineyards; Dave Moulton, Burrell School Vineyards & Winery; Ryan Beauregard, Beauregard Vineyards; Richard Alfaro, Alfaro Family Vineyards & Winery; Rhys Vineyards. See more information here.  For more information about the Appellation and Pinot Noir in the Santa Cruz Mountains, see 'About the Appellation'.
  •  Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 9, 3:00pm, at Manildi Vineyards: Meeting & Summer BBQ Potluck
    • The Program: Michael Schmidt, Spec Trellising; Plus: Rich Casale of NRCS and Bruce Manildi
      Michael Schmidt of Spec Trellising (www.spectrellising.com/) will talk about different types of netting and how best to apply them in your vineyard. He is also available to address issues
      about trellising and supplies. As well, Rich Casale of NRCS and Bruce Manildi will showcase the wide-ranging projects undertaken at Manildi Vineyards under the NRCS’ EQIP program. These include: mulching; annual and permanent ground cover; erosion control; hedgerows; irrigation (lines, reservoirs); water management; water catchment; solar pumps; flow meters; and transition to organic. Get an idea of how you might benefit from participation in the EQIP program.
    • The BBQ: This is a potluck event this year. Please bring food to share according to your last name (see the meeting notice for details).
      Bruce will roast a pig from Fogline Farms, a CSA at Manildi Vineyards & Orchards.

    For directions and more information, see the meeting notice.

  •  Santa Cruz County Industry Meeting on the EGVM Quarantine:  Tuesday, June 28, 10:00am-12:00noon, at UC Cooperative Extension Auditorium, Watsonville (agenda):  This is a meeting called by the Santa Cruz County Agricultural Commissioner to apprise growers and wineries of the quarantine. The approximate EGVM quarantine boundary area consists of Park Avenue/Victory Lane on the west, the Summit on the north, Mt. Madonna/Green Valley Road on the east, and Buena Vista/San Andreas Road on the south.  Anyone who grows, harvests, transports, or receives regulated host material within the quarantine boundary is affected by the quarantine regulations and should attend this meeting.  UC Cooperative Extension Auditorium, 1432 Freedom Boulevard, Watsonville, CA 95076 

  •  Wednesday, June 15, 3:00pm, at Vine Hill Winery: Fertigation with Cliff Low of Perry Labs. Cliff will talk about plant tissue analysis as the basis for improving plant nutrition.
  •  Wednesday, April 27, 3:00pm, at Biagini Vineyards: Tailgate Meeting on the EGVM
    - Larry Bettiga, UC Cooperative Extension
    - to be confirmed - a representative from the CDFA trapping program

    The meeting will cover:
    - identification of Lobesia botrana, and its lifecycle
    - local trapping results
    - spray regimen and options
    - harvest protocols - for vineyards and wineries, including transport

    Directions to Biagini Vineyard
    1624 Chardonnay Ridge Rd., Corralitos
    from Freedom Blvd. (coming from Hwy 1), make a left on Hames.
    then left on Pleasant Valley Rd.
    after about 1/2 mile (not far) make a right on Oak Tree Ln.
    then right on Chardonnay Ridge Rd.

    Note:  This is not a "regular" VASCM meeting and there will not be a winetasting with food afterward.
  •  April 23, Organic Wine Trail:  In recognition of Earth Day, four Santa Cruz Mountains wineries will showcase their CCOF-certified organic vineyards and practices with a wine trail and vineyard tours on April 23: Alfaro Family Vineyards; Vine Hill Winery; Silver Mountain Vineyards; Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards.  Learn more about growing organic winegrapes. See the website.  Additional CCOF-certified vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains include: Kathryn Kennedy; Portola Vineyards in Portola Valley; Four Gates Vineyard in Santa Cruz.          
  •  March 30, 3:00, at Cooper-Garrod: Weather: What we might look forward to this coming growing season. Speaker: Jan Null, meteorologist.  On the heels of a challenging growing season last year, what might this year hold in store for us? It's always a moving target, but the El Niño/La Niña weather cycles are characterized by certain predictable patterns that Jan will share with us. What phase are we in this year, what might it bring to us, and what might this mean for our farming practices this year? Meeting Location: Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards, 22645 Garrod Rd., Saratoga 95070

    Through the 1980s-90s Jan Null was the lead weather forecaster for the National Weather Service in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he conducted extensive research into California rainfall and drought as affected by the ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) patterns.  From 1998-2004 he was the weather columnist for the San Jose Mercury News. He has been Adjunct Professor of Meteorology (1987-2009) for the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco State Univ. And currently he is a certified consulting meteorologist, principal of Golden Gate Weather Services in Saratoga, and weather examiner on Examiner.com. See his posts.
  •   February 16, 8:00-1:00: Sustainable Winegrowing Self-Assessment Workshop and Certification Overview
    Program with the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA).
    RSVP to: Lisa Francioni, lisa@wineinstitute.org or call 415-356-7545
    Registration begins at 8am; program starts at 8:30. Lunch included. No charge. Location: Loma Prieta Community Center, 23800 Summit Rd., Los Gatos 95033 (at the Loma Prieta Elementary School)

    This program introduces the CSWA's new statewide Sustainability Certification program to the Santa Cruz Mts. It also includes a self-assessment workshop that will give you an opportunity to (re)assess your operations and learn more about recommended sustainable practices. Click here for the Agenda No alcohol or smoking at the Community Center, please.
    •  This program is for growers and wineries.
    •  Certification is based on doing the self-assessment.
    •  It is for you even if you have done the self-assessment before.
    •  It is for you if you are doing this for the first time, or just want to find out more about sustainable practices and the certification program.
    •  Even if you are not interested in pursuing certification, the self-assessment is a valuable educational opportunity.
      - Self-assessments can now be done online. If you have a laptop with wireless connection, bring it to this session. You will get a password to set up your online account when you call to RSVP, and you can work online from the session. If you do not bring a laptop, you will work from the workbook.
    •  If you have previously done the self-assessment: please bring your binder/workbook. If you previously submitted your results, they will be available to you online once you set up your account.
    •  If you are doing this for the first time, you will get a binder at the session.
    •  This program is free!

    For more information on the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices Self-Assessment Workbook and certification go here.
    For more information about the value of sustainable practices and this program, click here.

    Partnering organizations: California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, Viticulture Association of Santa Cruz Mountains, Wine Institute and the California Association of Winegrape Growers


  •  Holiday Party: December 10 at Sesnon  House, Cabrillo College. See the invitation for more information.
  •  Meeting: August 17, Wine Flavors Relating to Fruit Ripeness (or unripeness), with a focus on green flavors. And, our summer BBQ. 
    Speaker: Susan Ebeler, Professor & Chemist, Dept. of Enology & Viticulture, UC Davis.  Location: Redwood Ridge Estate, 2:00pm.
    Susan Ebeler will talk about wine flavors relating to fruit ripeness (or unripeness) at harvest. And we will be tasting some samples of 'green' wine made from under ripe fruit picked at different Brix levels at last year's harvest.  You can see more about Susan Ebeler at http://wineserver.ucdavis.edu/people/faculty.php?id=7 .

    The meeting will be followed by our annual do-it-ourself bbq. As usual, please bring a bottle of wine to share.
  •  Meeting: July 1, Pest Management and Biopesticides.  Speakers: Jesse Rosales of Marrone BioInnovations, and Larry Bettiga, Farm Advisor for UC Davis Cooperative Extension.  Location: Muns Vineyard @ 2:00pm
    • Jesse Rosales will speak about the relatively new and growing use of biopesticides, which are naturally occurring substances. They are in demand for their value in IPM programs to enhance yields and quality along with their low impact on the environment. He will talk about what they are, the benefits and barriers, application, and use for disease and weed control. Marrone BioInnovations produces Regalia and GreenMatch.  You can see more information on their website at http://marronebioinnovations.com/.  (PCA, CCA and Applicator credits are available through an online course on the Marrone website. Come to the meeting and get an introduction to the course, then take the test on the website at http://marronebioinnovations.com/biopesticides/ .)
    • Larry Bettiga will bring us up to date on vineyard pests, specifically the spread and status of the LBAM and European Grapevine Moth.
  •  Meeting: May 4 on Soil Fertility, with Amigo Bob Cantisano, at Silver Mountain, 2:00
    This meeting will address soil fertility, including soil nutrients and microbes, composting, etc. Amigo Bob is head of Organic Ag Advisers, and a co-founder of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).  He consults to vineyards and a wide range of farms, and has advised the World Bank and the government of Costa Rica. We contacted Amigo Bob in response to several requests for a program to include composting, and upon seeing an article by Laurie Daniel about him in the 2009 issue of Wines & Vines (which you can read here).  He will talk about composting as part of the larger issue of soil fertility. Whether or not you are growing or are interested in growing organically, his talk on fertility issues should be very valuable.

    Wines & Vines: What is the most important aspect of organic farming?
    Amigo Bob Cantisano: Soil management is primary in my mind.  The healthier a soil becomes, with regard to ecological stability and biological diversity, the less problems with growing the crop--including less problems with fertility, pests, diseases, weeds, water availability and weather hardiness.  You can read this article on Amigo Bob in the July 2009 issue of Wines & Vines.


  •  Holiday Party, December 11, at Sesnon House.  See newsletter for more information.
  •  Meeting: 16 July at Hicks Vineyard, Corralitos.
    •  3:00 - hedging workshop in the vineyard.
    •  3:30 - Speaker Judit Monis, Ph.D., from STA Labs in Gilroy will talk about disease in the vineyard: viruses, fungus, symptoms, what to look for, testing.  STA Laboratories is a diagnostic laboratory for the seed and plant industry, and its Plant Health Services division provides disease detection and eradication services specifically for grapevines.  You can view articles written by Dr. Monis on the STA Labs website here.
  •  "Vine to Wine: A History of the Vineyards and Wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains", Forbes Mill History Museum, Los Gatos. Preview exhibit on The Novitiate winery and vineyards starts June 13; Grand Opening for the full exhibit on July 19. Exhibit runs through the end of the year. The Forbes Mill History Museum, 75 Church St., Los Gatos.  Hours: 12-4, Wed-Sun.  More information on the exhibit.
  • July 2009 Vine Talk: Canopy Management
  • Meeting: 12 May, starting at 2:00pm: "WATER"  at Bruzzone Family Vineyards, Rancho Don Bosco, 1690 Glen Canyon Road, Scotts Valley.  Two speakers will discuss the practical and theoretical issues concerning what is becoming a precious commodity: water. Whether or not you irrigate, come to hear Michael Loik, from UCSC's agroecology program, share his research and talk about whether or not we are being affected by climate change, and what it means for our vineyards.  UCSC is a terrific resource, and this is the first of what we hope will be more programs working with the university.
    • 2:00: Mark Bettany, UC Davis Extension expert from San Luis Obispo will address irrigation scheduling, deficit irrigation, and use of a pressure bomb.
    • 3:00: Michael Loik, UCSC, on climate change affecting our local vineyards.
  • Pinot Paradise weekend:  March 28-29, 2009. Celebrating the Pinot Noir of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Saturday, 28 March: Pinot Pathways - tour local wineries pouring Santa Cruz Mts.Pinot.  Sunday, 29 March: Technical Session, 9:00am; VIP Tasting 1:00pm; and Grand Cruz Tasting 2:00-5:00pm, with 35 wineries pouring SC Mts. Pinot paired with gourmet food from local restaurants, at the beautiful Villa Ragusa conference center in historic downtown Campbell.  The Technical Session will explore the climate and geography of the new subregions and their distinct flavor profiles. The session will be keynoted by Joe Miller, wine educator with U.C. Santa Cruz, who will compare the terroir of Burgundy with that of the Santa Cruz Mountains; and by Clark Smith, Director of the Best of Appellation evaluation program at AppellationAmerica.com, wine judge, and winemaker. Smith will provide his unique perspective on the new subregions of the Santa Cruz Mountains, which he helped define through AppellationAmerica.com’s tasting evaluations. The session includes a wine tasting with a panel of winemakers and growers representing each of the six subregions, along with a discussion of each subregion, its climate, geography and the unique terroir that is reflected in the wine, as well as the similarities for the region as a whole.  The panelists include: Sal Godinez, Wines of Vine Hill; Steve Storrs, Storrs Winery; Jeffrey Patterson, Mount Eden Vineyards; Ed Muns, Muns Vineyard; Ryan Beauregard, Beauregard Vineyards; and Michael Martella, Thomas Fogarty. For more information, contact the SCMWA.
  • Meeting:  March 18, 2009, 3:00pm at Vine Hill. Our speaker:  Stan Grant, viticulture consultant and principal of Progressive Viticulture, will give a presentation on ripening and canopy management for optimum wine grape quality, both directly through canopy specific practices and indirectly through vineyard design and other vineyard practices.  Stan addressed the VASCM several years ago when he gave a presentation on research he was doing for CAWG on hangtime, and we have asked him to return to address the broader issues affecting ripening. Stan established and was the Director of Gallo's Viticulture Department, he was the Director of Farming for Duarte Nursery, and he currently consults with vineyards throughout the state. As well, we are returning to Vine Hill as a follow-up to our cover crop meeting last year.  We can see how Vine Hill's cover crop has blossomed, and Rachel Ormes will share her program and results.
  • Meeting:  January 20, 2009 at Alfaro Vineyard in Corralitos
    2:00pm: Pruning workshop. Learn best pruning practices from our local vineyard consultants and practice in the vineyard. Bring your pruners (please sterilize).  See the video produced by Kevin Monahan of Video4Wine.
    3:00pm: Meeting. Update on the spread of the Light Brown Apple Moth in our region from the CDFA, trapping and latest control plans. Presentation on the new subregions of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


  • Meeting, 24 September 2008, 3-5pm at Vine Hill featuring Cover Crops.  Rich Casale from the NCRS will conduct a ‘walk and talk’ session on cover crops in the vineyard at Vine Hill. Rich has consulted with Vine Hill and will talk about the use of cover crops here to solve erosion issues, as well as their general benefits and seed selection so you can make your choices for planting this winter. As well, Vine Hill vineyard manager Rachel Ormes will talk about her cover crop plans for this season, and we plan to return in the Spring to see the results.  List of seed suppliers provided by Rich Casale at the meeting.
  • Santa Cruz County Fair!  9-14 September 2008 at the Fairgrounds in Watsonville: VASCM has a booth at the Fair every year providing education about viticulture in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Sign up for booth duty here.
  • September is California Wine Month!  Santa Cruz Mountains wineries and vineyards celebrate California Wine Month at the Santa Cruz County Fair:
    • The Viticulture Assn. of the Santa Cruz Mountains (VASCM) features the vineyards of the regions with its exhibit in the Harvest Bldg.
    • The Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Assn. (SCMWA) holds tastings of local wines
    • And the Amateur Wine Competition announces its winners with a public tasting at the Fairgrounds on Sept. 6
  • Workshop and Meeting, Thursday, 31 July at Ridge. Water Conservation/IPM.  This is an all-day focus on water quality/conservation, with a component including pest management. The day will start with a workshop organized by the Sustainability Alliance and end with a regular VASCM meeting. We hope you can come for the full day. Water use and monitoring vine health is a critical issue in the vineyard. This is the driest spring on record and the State is in an official drought.
    Please contact mary@munsvineyard.com if you plan on coming to the workshop, 9:30-2:00.  It's okay to come at the last minute, too.

    9:30-2:00  Water Conservation/IPM Workshop brought to us by the Sustainability Alliance (click here for agenda)
    2.5 Pest Management credits given for the workshop, 9:30-2:00
    NO CHARGE, lunch provided

    2:00pm  Tour of Ridge with David Gates
    3:00 - 5:00pm  VASCM Meeting: Pressure Bomb demo and deficit irrigation
  • General Meeting, Wednesday, 4 June 2008, 3pm at Camel Hill Vineyards: "Fertilizers & Vine Nutrition".  Our speaker is Dennis Culver, an ESA Board-certified entomologist, certified crop advisor, and fertilizer expert. He will talk about vine nutrition and fertilizers, including organic solutions, to promote the health and growth of your vines. Save the date, and look for more details in the upcoming newsletter. And yes, there are real camels at Camel Hill.
    Our host: Jon Anderson
    Camel Hill Vineyards
    18951 Bear Creek Rd., Los Gatos
    Directions: take Hwy. 17 through Los Gatos, exit Bear Creek Rd. at Lexington Reservoir. Go 1/2 mile up Bear Creek; Camel Hill is on the right.
  • Grafting Workshop, Friday, 16 May 2008, 10am - noon at Burrell School.  John Rogers has been working with David Gates since the beginning of the year to put together a grafting workshop for us. The timing has to be just right for the vines, and they are ready. Burrell School is grafting and has been terrific to allow us to do the workshop there. David Gates will take us through the process, and you will have a chance for some hands on practice. You will find out how to prepare your vines for grafting, how to determine the best time to graft, and how to do it. Leather gloves might be helpful to bring. Note: This is a workshop, not a regular meeting.
    Thank you to Dave Moulton, Mark Seifert, David Gates and John Rogers.
    Burrell School, 24060 Summit Road, Los Gatos

    Directions: take Highway 17 to Summit Road and go 3.5 miles east/south from the intersection of Hwy 17 and Summit Rd.
  • Pinot Paradise weekend:  March 29-30, 2009. Celebrating the Pinot Noir of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Saturday, 29 March: Pinot Pathways - tour local wineries pouring Santa Cruz Mts. Pinot.  Sunday, 30 March: Technical Session and Grand Cruz Tasting at the beautiful Villa Ragusa conference center in historic downtown Campbell.  For more information, contact the SCMWA.
  •  World of Pinot Noir (WOPN) Panel Presentation on the Santa Cruz Mountains:   A group of local winemakers and growers showcased Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noirs in a special regional wine tasting and provided an introduction to the new subregions on March 6 at WOPN in Shell Beach. Speakers were: Jeffrey Patterson, Mount Eden (representing the Saratoga/Los Gatos subregion); Ed Muns, Muns Vineyard and Jerold O'Brien, Silver Mountain (representing the Summit subregion); Nathan Kandler, Thomas Fogarty (representing the Skyline subregion); Sal Godinez, Wines of Vine Hill (representing the Los Ranchos/Santa Cruz Coastal Foothills subregion); and Joe Martin, Martin Alfaro Wines (representing the Corralitos/Pleasant Valley subregion).  Plus, David Bruce was there and contributed his observations on the 'spicey and mineral' character of Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir.  Patrick Comiskey of Wine & Spirits Magazine moderated the session. Read his posting about the session on WineReviewOnline.
  • General Meeting and New Year Mini-Party, 12 February 2008, 3pm at Thomas Fogarty Winery (link to http://www.fogartywinery.com/): "Vineyard Practices to Produce 90+ Points Wines".  At least seven Thomas Fogarty estate wines rated 90 points and above in Wine Enthusiast in 2006.  Good wine starts with good grapes and the vineyard practices to grow them.  Michael Martella will give us a tour of the vineyards and share with us his vineyard practices to get us on the right track for the year.
  • Sustainability Self-Assessment Workshop:  13 March 2008, 8:30am - 12noon at Bargetto Winery.  No charge.  Lunch provided.  Please RSVP to Mary Lindsay.  For all those who have not already gone through the self-assessment, and a chance for those who have to update your assessment.  New topics have been added.  More information.


  • Sustainability Case Study: 6 September 2007, 3:00pm at Bargetto's Regan Vineyards in Corralitos (directions here).   John Bargetto will host this meeting, give us a tour of the 40 acre Regan Vineyard, and share their vineyard practices, including sustainable solutions such as solar power and biodiesel.
  • 11 July 2007 Meeting, at Hunter Hill Vineyards & Winery, 3:00pm.  Our speaker: Thomas Wittman, gopher expert extraordinaire - on the secret life of gophers, and how to effectively rid your vineyard of them Plus, the latest on the light brown apple moth.  And a business meeting.
  • 27 June 2007, 1:00pm:  Sustainability Self-Assessment Workshop, held by the Wine Institute.  Seacliff Inn, Aptos.  No charge.  RSVP required at least 7 days in advance online or call 415-512-0151.   This workshop is for:
    • all those who have already done the self-assessment – there are new topics & it may be time to update your assessment, and
    • those who have not done the self-assessment.

    Click here for more information on the value of the Self-Assessment to your vineyard operations, and the format of the program.
    Note:  The morning program addresses issues of interest to winery operations: Maximizing Tasting Room Opportunities; New Regulations and Laws; New Direct Shipping Laws.

  • 2 May 2007 Meeting, 3:30 - 5:30pm, Zayante Vineyards.  Spring Program in the Vineyard with a focus on the Spring regimen and looking forward to the coming few months, including nutrient sprays and disease management.  Local vineyardists will share their programs and advice: Mark Edgemon, Rick Anzalone, Ron Mosley and Prudy Foxx.   Zayante Vineyards, 420 Old Mountain Road, Felton.  Take Highway 17 to Bear Creek Road.  Turn left on Summit Road, then right on Upper Zayante Road and travel about 4.5 miles.  Turn right on Old Mountain Road and follow the VASCM signs.  NOTE: Membership renewals are due for 2007.
  • Pinot Paradise, 17-18 March 2007:  featuring this divine wine made from the grapes we grow in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
    • Saturday, 17 March:  Pinot Pathways.  Area wineries are open and pouring their Pinots, including barrel tastings, etc.
    • Sunday, 18 March:  The Pinot Paradise Grand Cruz Tasting and optional Technical Sessions at Villa Ragusa in Campbell.
    • More information.
    • Tickets are available from the SCMWA at 831-685-8463.


  • 14 September 2006 Meeting: 3-6pm:  "Hillside Farming", including erosion control and cover cropping.  With speakers Jim Howard and Rich Casale from the NRCS.  At Clos de la Tech, Woodside.  Rex Geitner, vineyard manager will tell us the story of this amazing vineyard.  Bring a bottle of wine to share.  Meeting details and directions.

                    Vineyard Tour at Clos de la Tech                                 Rex, vineyard manager, addressing group


  • Santa Cruz County Fair (12-17 September 2006): Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Watsonville.  VASCM will have a display booth in the agricultural Harvest Building.  This is the 3rd year the VASCM is exhibiting at the Fair.  We need volunteers to help at the booth.  For more information and to sign up, click here.
  • September is California Wine Month!  Celebrate harvest in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the Santa Cruz County Fair.  Week-long educational exhibits and displays by the SCMWA and VASCM, judging results of the amateur and commercial wine competitions, and wine tasting on Saturday and Sunday, 9/16-17.   Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, 2601 East Lake Ave, Watsonville.  Tues.- Fri. noon - 11pm; Sat. 10am-11pm, Sun. 10am - 10pm.  Note:  Various wineries and vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains are planning special harvest events for California Wine Month.  For a list click here.
  • 28 June Meeting: "Growing Organically", Silver Mountain Vineyards.  2:00pm - tour Silver Mountains' organic vineyard with Jerold O'Brien.  3:00pm - meeting with guest speaker Derek Dahlen, vineyard manager for Frey Vineyards in Mendocino.  Frey is the first certified organic vineyard and winery in the U.S. (since 1980), and the largest as well.  Derek will speak about organic viticulture, its benefits and how to make it work in your vineyard.  Meeting flyer with directions to Silver Mountain Vineyards.
  • Pinot Days (23-25 June): Fort Mason, San Francisco, Pinot Noir tasting, winemaker dinners, appellation tours, etc.  A dozen Santa Cruz Mountains wineries will represent our appellation at this major Pinot tasting in San Francisco, pouring appellation wines in a regional VIP tasting preceding the general afternoon event:   Alfaro Family Vineyards, Beauregard Vineyards, Burrell School, Thomas Fogarty, Hunter Hill, Pelican Ranch, Rhys, Savannah-Chanelle, Silver Mountain, Sonnet, Testarossa, Windy Oaks.

                 Pouring Santa Cruz Mts. Pinot at Pinot Days' regional tasting, June 2006.
                 VASCM display showcases our appellation wines.

  • Energy Efficiency Workshop for Vineyards & Wineries, 1 June, sponsored by the Sustainability Alliance and PG&E; at Cooper-Garrod Winery, 8:30-2:00pm.  Space limited, so RSVP is required.
  • 27 April Meeting: 3:00pm “Mildew Control”, with a presentation by Larry Bettiga, UC Extension Farm Advisor. At Alfaro Family Vineyards, Corralitos  1:30: Walking tour of the vineyard with Richard Alfaro.
  • Pinot Paradise (26 March): was a huge success.  SJMN article by Laurie Daniels.
    • The morning technical sessions organized by Jim Schultze of Windy Oaks Estate featuring
      • Randall Grahm's latest thoughts on Pinot Noir in the Santa Cruz Mountains plus a tasting of his "Transfusion" (Pinot Gris juice fermented on Pinot Noir skins!),
      • a panel discussion on Pinot Noir with Michael Martella of Thomas Fogarty Winery, Jeff Emery of Santa Cruz Mountains Winery, Prudy Foxx of Foxx Viticulture and Jim Schultze of Windy Oaks Estate, and
      • an overview of Burgundy winegrowing with a horizontal and vertical tasting of three red Burgundies along with two Santa Cruz Mountain Pinot Noirs: a 2002 Mount Eden and a 2003 Windy Oaks.
    • In the afternoon two vineyard vignettes organized by Prudy Foxx:
      • John Schumacher of Hallcrest discussed and tasted four of his award-winning Pinot Noirs from VASCM member vineyards: Veranda (Frank & Nancy Remde), Terra Serena (Pete & Barb Woodruff), Belle Farms (Steve &Marguerite Remde) and Vista del Mare.
      • Tony Craig of Sonnet Wine Cellars and Ed Muns of Muns Vineyard presented a Pinot Noir clonal review, vineyard description and barrel tasting of four Dijon clones from the 2005 harvest.
    • In the tasting tent, Mary Lindsay and Prudy Foxx set up the new VASCM display booth describing winegrowing in our AVA.
  • Sustainability workshop on Ecosystem Management (23 March):  Habitat (cover cropping, vegetation); Beneficial insects; Water quality/watershed management.  At Cooper-Garrod Vineyards, Saratoga.  8am-12noon, with lunch following.  FREE.
    1:00-3:00pm - optional Sustainability Self-Assessment Workshop (if you have not already done it).
  • 24 February Meeting: "History of Santa Cruz Mountains Vineyards" at Mountain Winery, Saratoga.  3:00pm vineyard tour with Jeffrey Patterson; 4:00pm presentation by Charles Sullivan, historian and author, "Like Modern Edens".


  • VASCM Holiday Party, Sunday, 18 December, 4-6pm
  • "Farm Water Quality Short Course", November, Santa Cruz - Meet the Compliance Requirements.  Registration form, other class sessions, and general information.
  • 19 October 2005 (3:00pm) Meeting at Lester Family Vineyards at Deer Park Ranch:  Post Harvest Crop Management, including cover crop, weed control, etc. Presentation by Richard Smith, UCCE/Salinas.
  • 9 August 2005 (3:00pm) Meeting at Byington Winery.  Hangtime presentation by Stan Grant.
  • 1 June 2005 (3:00pm): meeting at La Rusticana d'Orsa Vineyards in Los Gatos.  Pruning, thinning, hedging, terracing, trellising.  BRING YOUR MEALY BUG TRAPS!!
  • "Pinot Paradise - First Pinot Noir Tasting of the Santa Cruz Mountains!" April 10, 2005:    24+ local wineries pouring heaven in a glass, 1:00-5:00pm at Testarossa Vineyards in Los Gatos.  Advance tickets only.
  • April 5, 2005 (3:00pm):  meeting at Vine Hill Vineyard, "Grapes Into Wine - Wine Distribution & Sales". The ultimate goal for our grapes is to produce wine that sells. Hear about wine distribution and sales from the professionals.  Also: Free Vine Mealy Bug traps distributed the County Ag Commissioner.
  • January 19, 2005 (3:00pm): Meeting, New State Water Control Requirements - Do They Apply to You? and How to Meet Them; Mary-Ellen Dick, Region 3 Farm Bureau, Clos la Chance Winery, San Martin; also includes Vine Talk on winter pruning and weed control.
  • January 25-27, 2005: United Wine & Grape Symposium, Sacramento (informal VASCM dinner TBA)


  • December 5, 2004: Holiday Party, Lorenzini's, Watsonville
  • November 18, 2004: Special Meeting, Workshop on Integrated Pest Management, The Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, 9am-12pm, lunch included, Cooper-Garrod Winery, Saratoga
  • November 10, 2004: CAWG meeting, Los Gatos.  Local growers invited to dinner with the Board of the California Assn. of Winegrape Growers.  Invitations mailed out in early October.
  • October 14, 2004: "Post-Harvest Nutrition", Pete Christensen - Professor Emeritus, Fresno State University, Cinnabar Winery, Saratoga   
  • September 14-19, 2004: Santa Cruz County Fair, Watsonville
  • August 3, 2004: "If I Grow It, Will They Come?", local winemaker panel, Branciforte Ridge Vineyard
  • July, 29 2004: BBQ with SCMWA
  • June 16, 2004: "Canopy Management Workshop", Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards
  • April 20, 2004: "Enhancing and Promoting the Reputation of Santa Cruz Mountains winegrapes and Appellation", Mark Chandler - Executive Director of the Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission, Burrell School Vineyards
  • February 24, 2004: "Sustainability Workshop", Wine Institute, Bargetto Winery

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