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Viticulture Association of the Santa Cruz Mountains

  Vine Talk: Seasons

Map with permission of VinMaps

Spring - Bud Break
Summer - Veraison
Fall - Harvest
Winter - Dormancy

"Vine Talk" is the collective knowledge of VASCM members' viticulture experience, organized seasonally for convenient reference.  To start, much of the content is derived from the newsletter columns written by Prudy Foxx over the past few years.  Help broaden the perspective and enhance the content by sending topical write-ups of your own to Mary Lindsay for inclusion in this section of our web site.

Spring - Bud Break:

  •  Bud Break I: early mildew prevention, canopy management, fertilizer program (March 2005)
  •  Bud Break II: early mildew prevention, canopy management, fertilizer program, gophers & pests (April 2006)
  •  Bud Break III: Spring Protocols: mildew prevention, pruning adjustments, micronutrients (April 2010)
  •  Budbreak IV: preparation for the coming growing season - eradicant spraying, weed control, get a start on pest management, more. (March, 2011)
  •  Bloom I: mildew control (spraying/thinning), till/no-till (May 2005)
  •  Bloom II: frost damage, mildew inspections & spraying, thinning, weed control.  (May 2008).
  •  Bloom III: early mildew prevention, Nitrogen and early nutrition assessment, weed control (March 2009)
  •  Bloom & Set: nutrient amendment, fungicide spraying, weed control and shoot thinning (May 2009)
  •  Bloom & Set II: canopy management, fertility management (June 2010)
  •  Bloom & Set III: When it's late, and rainy; tissue sampling (June 2011)

Summer - Veraison:

Fall - Harvest:

Winter - Dormancy:

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