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Viticulture Association of the Santa Cruz Mountains

  Fall - Harvest

Map with permission of VinMaps

Harvest I
Harvest II
Hang Time

Although harvest seems like the culmination of all our efforts (as well as a big sigh of relief when complete!), it is just another portion of the continual vineyard cycle.  There are also critical tasks to consider post-harvest.

  • Harvest: post-harvest and cover crop (Vine Talk column, October, 2004)
  • Hang Time (presentation by Stan Grant, August 2005 meeting)
  • Post-Harvest Nutrition (presentation by Pete Christensen, October, 2004 meeting)

Harvest 2005!

harvest05-1.JPG (253862 bytes)   harvest05-2.jpg (319608 bytes)   harvest05-3.jpg (304629 bytes)   harvest05-4.jpg (110034 bytes)   harvest05-5.jpg (234329 bytes)


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